“Tonic Consultancy has helped me enormously by helping me to concentrate on the proper running of my business. I felt my mental bandwith was too cluttered at times with all the possibilities I had to consider on a day to day basis which are necessary but take time to source and implement. Tonic has simplified the entire procedure down to one telephone number and call if something does arise.”

– Tomas Conefrey, Conefrey’s Pharmacy, Dublin


Maximising Profit Within Retail Pharmacy Sector

Tonic Consultancy was established in 2010 by highly experienced professionals, with a track record in obtaining industry leading results. We are commercially experienced, skilled in a broad range of disciplines, qualified and have increased profit within a number of major blue chip multinational retail companies.

Given today’s economic pressures, we understand that every cent counts, and by utilising our services you can grow your sales, reduce your costs and achieve an increase in your bottom line profits, all whilst maintaining your companies cultural identity. Today, Tonic Consultancy has successfully increased the profits of over 300 businesses.

We will work with you, always putting your customer first, and by utilising a combination of experience, industry research and your company’s cultural objectives, we will together achieve the best results for your business. All of our consultancy services are tailored to the specific needs of your business.

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